Saturday, March 28, 2009

Running Mix - March '09

A while back I shared a running mix that centered more on pop, funk, hip hop genres. I promised a follow up rooted in rock, and that is what I give you here and now. 55 minutes of rock spanning 4 decades and a number of subgenres. I gave it a test run on an 18 miler today, and it definitely got me going. So here it is:

Gonzo's Running Mix - March '09. (Sharebee appears to be all about the popups these days - sorry. Will rethink next time.)

Of course, this would work equally well for other modes of exercise - pumping iron, biking, punching frozen beef carcasses, etc. Hope you dig.

And now I will spend some time rehydrating myself, so that I may dehydrate myself again with the vodka. My weekends are a vicious cycle of hydration.


Pete at Ickmusic said...

Now that I'm exercisin' agin, I think it's high time to download your 4 month old mix, ya?

Pete at Ickmusic said...

(thank you Google Reader Starred Items)

Gonzo said...

Sweet. I haven't listened to it in a while, but it's a rocker, for sure.