Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bowie: Secrets

New York Dolls Newsflash

This just in from the glam rock affairs desk:

This Thursday (2/1), the New York Dolls will perform on the PBS program Soundstage (check local listings). Usually the show is geared more towards the VH1 crowd (Michael Macdonald, Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow), so who knows how our beloved Dolls got their high heels in the door. I'm not sure when exactly the show was taped, but it was very recent.

The tragedy is of course, an abbreviated set list. Below is the full set, with asterisks indicating the songs that will be making the broadcast:

Looking For A Kiss*
We’re All In Love*
Puss ‘N Boots*
Gotta Get Away From Tommy*
Take A Good Look At My Good Looks*
Gimmie Luv & Turn On The Light*
Private World*
Dance Like A Monkey*
Plenty Of Music
Punishing World*
Rainbow Store
Jet Boy*
Personality Crisis*

It still ends up being a pretty good looking set, but I would switch things around (i.e. Plenty of Music and Pills instead of Tommy and Gimmie Love). At any rate, I'm looking forward to it. PBS is one of the few stations I get!

I still haven't seen the newly reformed Dolls, though I've been wanting to from the time they reunited for the Meltdown festival a few years ago. Granted, only two of the real Dolls remain, but this group has inched its way into my top ten artists over the past few years, and I'll take them any way I can.

Visit their website (see sidebar). If you haven't picked up last year's One Day it Will Please Us to Remember Even This, I recommend it. Not stellar, but much better than I would have anticipated. More importantly, you should check out two documentaries, the bittersweet New York Doll and the incredibly entertaining All Dolled Up.

Cheers for now.

Monday, January 29, 2007


I'm overwhelmed by the newest addition to my blogroll, Lossless Beatles. Check it out, Beatlemaniacs.

More substantial post is forthcoming.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Introductory Post

Hello there.

I've decided to go ahead and make this a regularly (in the loose sense of the term) updated music blog. Because really, there aren't enough music blogs on the Internet (yes, that's sarcasm you smell). This is partially motivated by a colleague's recent blog - check out Minds Like Knives, wherein said colleague pontificates about music and popular culture.

Anyhow, that sort of pushed me to try to make this a proper blog, rather than an annually updated repository for my year-end mixes. What can you expect to see here in the future? Music rants. Recent discoveries, contemporary and antiquated. Random music videos from YouTube. Reviews. Track lists for mixes I've made. Commentary on mixes others have made for me. Reactionary accounts of happenings in the world of popular music (I can guarantee a post-Superbowl post on Prince's halftime show). Interesting artists found on myspace. Mp3 links. And anything else that strikes my fancy regarding music.

I don't expect this blog to reach beyond my circle of friends. As I alluded earlier, this is one of who knows how many music blogs. But it's something to occupy myself when I don't feel like reading/writing/researching/prepping for class/etc. So here's to it. Look for the first legitimate entry soon.