Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Funk

I remember the first time that I saw this video. It was in a TV Crit course I took as an undergraduate, and a fellow classmate showed it as an illustration of her presentation (of course, by this point I forget completely what her presentation was about). Nevertheless, she showed this video and I was kind of taken aback. I imagine I had heard "Ms. Jackson" and "So Fresh and So Clean" by this point, but I don't think that I had any concept of who Outkast was and what they were about. So this was my first real awareness of the group. I remember having a similar reaction to this as I did to Cee-Lo's "Closet Freak" video - "It's kind of like P-Funk for the new millenium." I've also been listening to Stankonia a lot this week, so I've got Outkast on the mind. Anywho, have a funky weekend, keep it on the One.


KrissyGo! said...

Holy is it possible that Outkast didn't take up a starring role in the music of my life? Oh, because I was too college poor to buy music during this time.

Cryin' shame. Then again, this isn't the first time I've known and liked an artist's stuff but put together way after the fact jus thow much of it there really was to like.


Gonzo said...

For real - seems like you would be all over the Outkast! But I feel where you're coming from. You'd be surprised at the number of big name groups that I got into late in the game. And you don't even want to know the list of canonic movies I haven't seen.