Monday, March 9, 2009

Latest from Neverland

In all seriousness - and I say this as a fan - doesn't this look like a wax figure of Michael Jackson?

Anyway -

So Michael Jackson is going to play 10 shows at London's O2 Arena this summer, and there are rumors that he will be adding 10 more.

Wonder where he got that idea?

But hey, a man's got to repay his debts somehow. At least financially, I'm willing to bet MJ's shows are successful. I can't say I have much hope for the quality of performance though. Even if he does drop in a few songs in which he actually sings live, his voice has been shot for over a decade. And I doubt that there will be much new to add to the production than there was in say, the last two tours that he did. Sadly, I personally have little interest in seeing Michael Jackson in concert at this point. Which is sad for someone who two decades ago truly felt (along with much of the world) that MJ was the world's greatest entertainer. How far the mighty have fallen.

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