Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Funk

Well funkateers, Prince's new set drops on Sunday (sunday?!) exclusively at Target. Clearly, this will be my first order of business sunday morning. As is the case with anything Prince puts out nowadays, my expectations aren't all that high, but I will say that I like what I've heard thusfar. I'm not persuaded to pay $77 for his new Internet wonderland, Of course, announce tour dates and ticket presales, and I'll probably recant that statement.

If you weren't aware, the little guy has been on Leno the past two nights, and will be again tonight. I will say that last night's performance of "Dreamer" WAILED. I love it when Prince rocks out on the guitar. Here's Wednesday night's performance, which gives us a taste of the funk-laden disc of the three CD set.

Have a funky weekend, and I'll see you at Target sunday AM.


Rob D. said...

Hey.... So, how's the new cds? I haven't made it to Target yet (am going to try to later today), but the reviews I've read seem mostly negative. Although without any perspective on the reviewer, I don't completely trust 'em.

Gonzo said...

Review is in the works! Stay tuned. In short, I like it, much better than his last album. It's not chartering new territory, but is pretty solid.