Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 vids of Xmas: day 8

I'm told that Crosby had no idea who Bowie was, but told his producers to "get somebody the kids listen to." Even better that this was filmed in 1977, probably the height of Bowie's coked-out phase. I've also read that Bing was kind of an ass to Bowie. And as Michael reports on IckMusic, Bowie actually requested NOT to sing "Little Drummer Boy," and the meshing of "Peace On Earth" was a compromise. Hm.

One of the odder pairings in Xmas pop music history, for sure. Yet somehow it works, and it isn't Christmas Eve until I see this come up on VH1 Classic (in the old days, just plain old VH1. Before that, what we used to call Music TeleVision).

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