Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12 vids of Xmas: day 10

Let's have the second Beatle in as many days, and the third consecutive Brit as well. In some sense, this is a twofer.

First up is the 'original' video, which was part of The John Lennon Video Collection, never released on DVD. Like a few others on that collection, this appears to have been assembled posthumously and features a photo montage. I hadn't seen this in years - I used to have a copy that a friend of mine taped from a Laserdisc. A LASERDISC!

The second version comes from the Lennon Legend DVD, released in 2003. In this version, Yoko Ono assembled a series of images that, though difficult to watch, are extremely powerful in the aim of provoking both thought and action in relation to the song's refrain.

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