Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 vids of Christmas: Day One

Talk on the street is that December 25th is actually the first day of Christmas. That might be true, but does anybody really celebrate it that way anymore? I think we're all too tuckered out from festivities on the 25th (and need our rest for New Year's!).

So as promised, I will be posting one classic (in my mind, for various reasons) xmas vid for each of the next 12 days.

First up is this nugget from 1984, recently covered by Miley Cirus or one of those other teeny boppers.


KrissyGo! said...

We covered this at one point, didn't we? Question o' the day: did anyone buy this pairing then?

But perhaps the more pertinent question:
Scenario -- you are a teeny bopper, bubblebum pop diva. The holidays are approaching. What do you do?

A cover of THIS, of course. Regardless, Miley kissing a girl is as edgy as George kissing this girl.

Kissing a fool, on the other hand....

Gonzo said...

At least Miley Cirus doesn't have to share her love with a Monkey.