Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Funk

Running a little late today, I know. I'm heading out of town tomorrow, and the day before is always hectic. But that doesn't mean that I should deprive you of your funk.

Last fall, there was a party. A massive party. An epic party! Though I was not the host, I was in charge of the music. This led to a 4 cd set of which I am quite proud. Starting today, the next four fridays will bring to you, oh funky ones, one disc of this mix.

Here is Disc One. Keep in mind this is Disc One, so there aren't really any big guns (except maybe "Hot Thing"). You can't be dropping bombs on disc one. As my middle school economics teacher once said in an exercise about budgeting money, "You don't want to blow your whole wad in one place." (The overt sexual connotation of this statement was apparently lost on her.)

So disc one's purpose is to warm shit up. My only real regret here is the oh-so-obvious Grandmaster Flash segued into the Tom Tom Club. It's a total cliche move and I wish I hadn't done it. Other than that, I stand by this mix.

I'll post the tracklist with next week's edition. Because surprises are cool.

Happy weekend!

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