Monday, February 19, 2007

recent mix#2: Onomix.

A while ago I told my friend Stephanie that I would make her an all Yoko Ono mix. Admittedly, my offer was more self-serving than anything. What would an all Yoko mix even look like? I ended up making her a different mix instead, and it fell by the wayside. Then, following a recent presentation in my sound and voice seminar where I played "Don't Worry Kyoko" for my classmates, Matt asked for an all Yoko mix. So they're both getting copies.

This was actually much more difficult to pare down to 80 minutes than I would have thought. After working through all of my Yoko discs (Onobox, Rising, Blueprint for a Sunrise) and ripping what I wanted, I ended up with a playlist over 3.5 hours long. I kept paring it down, but when it got to be about 2 hours, this got very difficult. I had to make some sacrifices. Who would have thought? At any rate, I'm pleased with the result. It spans her entire career (save the latest disc, which isn't new originals anyway), and is extremely varied in styles. Coincidentally, I finished this earlier today, only to find out that it is her 74th birthday today. Crazy coincidence! So happy birthday to Yoko. I actually think I'm going to do a paper on her this semester, but more on that later.

1. Mind Holes
2. Open Your Box
3. Don't Worry, Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for a Hand in the Snow)
4. Yangyang
5. Approximately Infinite Universe
6. I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window
7. What a Mess
8. Woman Power
9. Yes, I'm a Witch
10. O'oh
11. We're All Water
12. Walking on Thin Ice
13. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
14. Give Me Something
15. Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him
16. You're the One
17. Ask the Dragon
18. Talking to the Universe
19. I Want You To Remember Me -A-
20. I Want You To Remember Me -B-
21. It's Time for Action!

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