Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let's Go Get Stoned

I've been listening to a lot of Stones this week. My guess is this is spurred by an after hours get together in my living room last weekend. At one point I threw on Beggar's Banquet, and it basically hit the spot. When the whiskey's working it's way through your system, the right music is essential. But really, how can you go wrong with that one?

My favorite Stones material generally resides within the span from Satanic Majesties through Exile, but this may be more for the evolution of the Jagger/Richards songwriting dynamic than anything else. That said, I've always been drawn to their early output for that rawness, that energy, that raunchiness that can only come from a group of white Anglos playing the popular music of black America.

This collection is comprised of demos from 1963-1966, most of which are of compositions not released on any of the group's studio output. The whole collection is great, although I have to admit that the opening pair of Bo Diddley tracks ("Diddley Daddy" and "Road Runner") are my personal highlights.

1. Diddley Daddy 2:36
2. Road Runner 3:01
3. Bright Lights Big City 2:23
4. Baby Whats Wrong 3:21
5. I Want To Be Loved 2:01
6. Snap Crackle Pop 0:27
7. I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys 2:06
8. And Mr Spector And Mr Pitney 2:51
9. Andrews Blues 3:01
10. Hi Heel Sneakers 2:57
11. Stewed And Keefed 3:45
12. Tell Me Baby 1:53
13. Down In The Bottom 2:41
14. Don't Lie To Me 1:59
15. As Time Goes By 2:14
16. Some Things Just Stick 2:24
17. Each And Every Day 2:46
18. Heart Of Stone 3:41
19. Sleepy City 2:47
20. We're Wastin' Time 2:34
21. Try A Little Harder 2:15
22. Everybody Needs Somebody 2:53
23. When Blue Turns To Grey 2:29
24. I've Been Loving You 2:49
25. Looking Tired 2:13
26. Out Of Time 3:13
27. Can't Believe 3:14
28. If You Let Me 3:10

Definitive Demos, 1963-1966

This is a great collection. Listening to it carries a pleasure similar to that of the Beatles' Live at the BBC set. Give it a spin, and hang fire.

And staying within that early period, here's the boys doing "Get Off of My Cloud" from a 1965 appearance on Hullabaloo.


Anonymous said...

~I got very excited about this but sadly the link doesnt seem to work anymore.?

Gonzo said...

I just checked it and it worked. What sort of problem are you having?

Little Axe said...

I confirm. It works. Thanks for those Stones demos. It's great

Nanker said...

I got it the 2nd time-keep trying.
Some of these songs were on a 70's bootleg-Cops & Robbers,The newer ones are on the Lp Metamorphosis.Great pic!- Never seen it before.Thanks!

Gonzo said...

Glad you folks enjoy it. This disc was too good not to share!

Nanker - found the pic online - thank god for google image! Nice pseudonym, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gonzo,
Jonathan in Boston writing here.
Is there any chance you can repost this collection? I really need to hear this and you may be my only chance!

Jonathan Donaldson

Gonzo said...

Jonathan - it may be a while. I'm out of town for a few weeks and don't have the disc with me. Check again in early June - or just drop me a line to remind me.

Anonymous said...

thanks Gonzo,
I like what you're doing with your blog, and your taste is cool. Keep up the good work with your blog, and post your academic work if you see fit. Shit, I'd like to read essays about Yoko. I haven't even cracked the ice with her stuff.


Gonzo said...


Thanks for the kind words. It's always good to get some feedback! I may post some of my writings here in the future, but it's always an ongoing process of revision, etc.

Thanks for stopping by, and spread the word!

Rolln said...

It's June all right, and link is not working. I'm dying to hear this collection would you kindly repost? Thanks in advance.

Gonzo said...

It was reposted on June 3, link there is still active. Enjoy!

Jonathan Donaldson said...

I just came back after all of this time. What a loser I am.

You wouldnt be willing to repost would you?

Talk to you later.

Jonathan Donaldson said...

never mind, I got it!
You're blog looks great. Keep it up. Great writing.