Saturday, February 17, 2007

recent mix #1: Prince In Character

After making so many mixes of Prince music, I'm trying to make things more interesting than simply a collection of great songs. Other mixes in this series: the Prince sex mix and Emancipation Redux (whittled down to 1cd). This is one I've been thinking about doing for a while. Some of my favorite Prince moments are when he works in a little bit of comedy. Many of the funniest moments in Prince songs are when Prince shows up as some sort of character. This most often occurs on protege tracks. So we have the irate 'other woman' in Vanity 6's "If a Girl Answers..." (which also an incredibly funky tune), the classic Chinese waiter in The Time's "Chili Sauce," and the racist redneck in the NPG tune "Black MF in the House." There may be things I'm missing here, who knows. These are the ones that stick out to me (and some friends - thanks for your suggestions!). I had to cut "Cloreen Baconskin" for length, but "Tricky" is very much in the same vein. I debated about "Movie Star." It's not quite the same as the other tracks in this mix regarding Prince's vocal character, but Matt convinced me to include it. He is after all, not playing Prince here. The whole song is a commentary on celebrity, and may very well have been intended for the Time (although Prince is not using his Morris Day voice here). At any rate, it was a fun mix to make, and fun to listen to as well.

1. Vanity 6 - If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)
2. The Time - The Walk
3. Vanity 6 - Vibrator
4. The Time - Chili Sauce
5. The Time - Tricky
6. Prince - Movie Star
7. The Time - Chocolate
8. NPG - Mashed Potato Girl (segue)
9. O(+> - Work That Fat
10. Prince - Bob George
11. NPG - Black MF in the House
12. NPG - New Power Day (segue)
13. O(+> - Poom Poom


Matt said...

Can't believe you had to cut "Cloreen Baconskin."

Gonzo said...

Such is life. It is like 15 minutes, after all.

In other news, I'm listening to an MJ bootleg which is pretty much the biggest waste of time ever given how much he relies on lip synching. And the songs he actually sings are godawful.