Monday, January 18, 2010

Gonzo on the air, 1/17

Arctic Monkeys-My Propeller
Sonic Youth-Antenna
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Bellbottoms
Man Man-Easy Eats or Doctor Galapagos
Gogol Bordello-Wanderlust King
Tom Waits-Filipino Box Spring Hog
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band-Sho' Nuff n' Yes I Do
The Replacements-I Will Dare
The Byrds-Feel a Whole Lot Better
The Zombies-This Will Be Our Year
Lykke Li-Little Bit
The xx-VCR
Death Cab for Cutie-A Movie Script Ending
Karen O & the Kids-All is Love
Gary Numan / Tubeway Army-Me! I Disconnect from You!
The Police-When the World is Running Down (You Make the Best of What's Still Around)
Moloko-Sing it Back
Siouxsie and the Banshees-Helter Skelter
The B-52s-Mesopotamia
Scissor Sisters-Kiss You Off
Goldfrapp-Ride a White Horse
Run DMC-Hard Times
Prince-Hot Thing (ext. 12" mix)
Jimmy Castor Bunch-E-Man Party
Ween-Voodoo Lady
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Marc said...

Loved the Tom Waits. Had to stop and say (to myself), "Is that Tom Waits or is that Captain Beefheart" (cos they certainly share similar tonalities in their voices for sure)--and then you followed up with the Captain. Would that all deejays could read my mind.

Gonzo said...

Ha, I'm glad to have anticipated your internal dialogue. That set was the serendipitous result of finally getting a hold of Gogol Bordello last weekend, which I heard on a Philly college station during the marathon in November. I thought musically it would work with waits who yes, has similar vocal qualities to Beefheart. But I always felt the Captain had a little more Howlin' Wolf in him, especially in those earlier tunes.

There's a great doc called Captain Beefheart: Under Review that I recommend. I actually only know a few of his records, so I found it really informative.