Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CSS: 9:30 Club - Washington, DC 12/20/08

I know, I've been conspicuously absent. Holidays, the flu and travels got in the way. But I have a few posts in mind for the next week or so. But first, the long delayed review of the CSS show from last month.

We opted to skip the opener in favor of a few cocktails with a friend of mine from grad school. We got to the 9:30 Club just in time. Perhaps predicatably, CSS took the stage with an in-your-face rendition of "Jaeger Yoga," the opener of their most recent LP Donkey (one of my absolute favorites from 2008!). From there, the band embarked on inciting a non-stop dance party with their pop-oriented electro sensibilities. I admit not being at all familiar with their previous, self-titled album (though of course now, I need to check it out). Even so, the band made it through the bulk of the Donkey LP. I was a little surprised that they pulled out "Move" and "Left Behind," the album's two singles so early in the set. I would have pegged either of them (but especially "Left Behind") as closers. Instead, the band's encore was a rousing performance of "Reggae All Night," which was actually a perfect closer anyhow.

I have to say I was very pleased with their performance. While I love the album, live the songs sound much fuller, and have more punch. Not to mention the stage personality of the band. In addition to a solid performance, the sound was stellar. I also didn't realize that this was the last show of the tour (at least the US leg), so that made it a little special and added to the energy of the show.

All in all, CSS is well worth seeing live - tight, well executed, energetic, and super fun. That's right, I said "super fun." Check 'em out if you ever get the chance.

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