Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Funk

Slammin' song, which a friend recently pointed out is perfect for amping up on a run. To that end, tomorrow I attempt my first marathon. Earlier this week I compiled a 71-track playlist (which I'll share later) to help me along. I hope to not take that long to complete, but just in case! Of course, the verdict is still out on how the headphone ban will be treated at this race. One books, the Baltimore marathon states the USATF mandate, but not sure whether or not it will be enforced. I'm taking it just in case. If not, I think I'll be ok. My battery died about an hour into a 20 mile run a few weeks ago and I was fine. Would have been better with music, but fine nonetheless. And in the event that the ban is enforced, there promises to be a bunch of novelty along the course - "theme" miles (The Babe Ruth Mile, the Preakness Mile, The Italian Mile, The Star Spangled Banner Mile ... ???), a gummy bear station, and I imagine some live music. Regarding the last point, I hope their choices are better than those of the Dam to Dam 20k. I love Johnny Cash, but he really isn't what I want to hear when running. Unless I'm running from THE LAW.

Have a funky weekend, everyone!


KrissyGo! said...

Serendipity! I posted this as my "Gutsy Groove" yesterday to get myself pumped for my own (little) race!

You'll probably need it more, though...especially around, say, Mile 20. And 21, and 22...

Funk it up!!!

Gonzo said...

Sweet! Predictably, Prince is among my favorite running music. I actually didn't even get to hear this song! But of course there was more Prince earlier in the set. Will post the list soon - there were definitely some Krissy Klassics in there.