Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chormeo: DC 10/4

I promised a report, and I hereby make good on that promise, though it may be brief.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been wanting to see these guys basically since I heard Fancy Footwork last year. So in August when I got a myspace message announcing a brief fall tour including DC, I had to jump on it. Especially since they vowed to play all of the Fancy Footwork LP.

I do wish shows would be advertised more accurately. For instance, no mention of an opener on the ticket or the web, but there was an opening DJ. Wasn't really my thing.

The venue was the famous 9:30 club. Cool place, nice layout, expensive drinks (thought that might be more DC than the club). I was told the place had incredible sound. The only thing that keeps me from 100% agreement is that as with so many shows, the vocals were too low in the mix. But other than that, it was pretty great sound wise.

But that's all boring setup. Chromeo finally hit the stage, mannequin legs in tow. They were exactly what I anticipated - well executed, entertaining, silly. I appreciate that Pee only talks/sings through a talkbox. There was also a great deal of crowd participation, which surprised me a bit. Not that Chromeo is a totally unknown band (the show was after all sold out and sponsored by MySpace), I just didn't expect it. Of course, it shouldn't surprise me given that they are such a catchy, funky little combo.

True to their word, they played the entire FF album, although not in sequence. Peppered within the set were selections from their first LP, which I'd never heard previously. [I did give it a listen this week, and it's kind of OK.] Highlights for me were "Bonafide Lovin'" (which included an intro lifted from "Money for Nothing), "Fancy Footwork," "Mama's Boy" and "100%." And "Call Me Up." Ok, maybe there wasn't a particular high point. I love the album to death and they played the whole thing. There was also a brief medley led by Pee (of course on the talkbox) through some Journey songs. Most of you know my distaste for Journey, so this was probably a low point for me. But was Chromeo.

In short, it was $20 well spent. If there was a bit more space and I had a few more drinks, I probably would have danced my ass off. Alas, it was a sold out, packed house and I had to drive back to Baltimore. But Chromeo live definitely gets the Gonzo seal of approval. As our new friend Peter shouted at the band, "THAT'S SOME GOOD GODDAMNED MUSIC, BOYS!"

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