Saturday, June 7, 2008

dig if u will....

Today is Prince's 50th (!) birthday (1980s pop contemporaries Madonna and Michael Jackson will follow suit in August). Anybody that knows me whether personally or through this blog knows that Prince is one of my all time favorites. I'd venture to say he's my favorite solo artist of all time. In terms of composition, technical ability, production and performance, he's simply top notch. Sure, his recent works don't match the quality of his 1980s output, but you'll have that - and it certainly doesn't detract from his incredibly solid back catalog.

I unfortunately don't have time to go into a long rant, but I wanted to mark the occasion (since as a JW, he probably won't). And here are some reasons why Prince is awesome.

A more recent favorite from 2006's 3121 that I've been revisiting in recent weeks:

And one of my favorites from the Prince canon. It's not an incredibly flashy video, but I love it. There's this sense of youth and energy exuding from the clip. It's as if Prince knows that "Little Red Corvette" will be his crossover hit (the single actually flopped until the release of this video months later). More importantly, there's this vibe coming from Prince as if he knew he was on the brink of superstardom. It's as if he's saying "You ain't seen nothin' yet." And I *still* can't figure out that side shuffle he does in the break (don't think I haven't tried in my living room...frequently).

Deleted - somehow this changed into "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" !!

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Put on your heels, dabble on the mascara, put on some Prince records and party like The Kid is 50. Because he is.

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