Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Funk

Here's something to get your weekend started. The mix served two purposes. First, a challenge: only pre-1984 material (aside from a few associated tracks). This made for a very interesting mix. I ended up including songs that I don't think have ever made the cut on previous mixes of mine, including those solely dedicated to the purple one. Secondly, I was playing around with Cool Edit Pro. Nothing incredibly fancy in the mix, but it's seamless, and I'll be curious if anyone can spot the two substantial edits that I made.

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, I hope that you are too. If you're having peeps over this weekend, throw it on for good measure. Else, let this be your "getting ready to go out" music. It will do the trick, I promise.

Happy weekend!

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Matt said...

“If anybody asks, you belong to Prince.” Brilliant! Thanks for this.

Gonzo said...

Yeah - this mix made me realize how underrated the Controversy album is, and Private Joy in particular.

pete said...

Ahhh so good to hear "Wild & Loose" - - Can't beat old school Prince & friends. Great mix Gonzo! Or should I say Gonzeaux... ;-)

Dupuy said...

Hey Gonzo... nice mix. I found your site because I'm working on a Prince compilation too. I think my favorite Prince jam is the 12" version of "Hot Thing".

Gonzo said...

The 12" version of "Hot Thing" is a tight jam. I included that on a mix for a dance party a few months ago. Thanks for stopping by!