Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Funk: A new release Tuesday preview

This week, I'd like to remind you of two discs dropping on Tuesday.

First up (and mentioned previously here) is Jamie Lidell's Jim. I've abstained from listening to advance copies, but I'm told it's hot. Also, my pal Paul and I will be heading to the windy city to see Mr. Lidell in June - should be great!

Here's another one from the new disc, "Another Day":

And also on Tuesday, The Roots release their eighth studio album, Rising Down. As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, The Roots may be on their way to becoming my favorite hip hop act of all time, supplanting Public Enemy. And that's not just because they hail from my homestate of PA (albeit, the other side of the state).

I've missed so many opportunities to see The Roots live, it's ridiculous. And this summer is no exception. They're playing at Carnegie Mellon University, which I missed for being in Iowa. When I'm actually in Pittsburgh in a few weeks, they'll be playing Chicago with Erykah Badu. I look forward to living in a major city next year for many reasons, access to concerts among them.

Anyhow, from Rising Down, here's "Get Busy," featuring the one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff:


michelle said...

Did you know that The Roots (and Flaming Lips) are headlining the 80/35 summer music festival this year? July 4th-5th, downtown Des Moines. We haven't had a music event like this in YEARS and I predict that it will be BIG.

: )

Gonzo said...

Woah - cool, thanks! If anything I'd like to come out for the Roots on the 5th - what the rest of that day's schedule is like will seal the deal for me.

Though I have to say, I'm not sure how Des Moines would respond to the Roots (?).