Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Funk (sort of)

Though Krush Groove is available on DVD, the soundtrack remains curiously out of print. Oh, for shame. Never fear, dear readers!

I have to admit, I've never seen Krush Groove all the way through, though I feel as if I've seen the whole movie in various segments. Interesting moment though. I think it's Greg Dmitriadis (though my memory is fuzzy) who makes the argument that Run DMC was the pivotal point where hip hop went from underground party music to a 3:30 pop-structured format. Seems a reasonable argument. The movie is a weird who's who: Run DMC, the Fat Boys (!), LL Cool J, New Edition, Rick Rubin, and of course, Sheila E., who is really the oddball out in the lineup, wouldn't you say?

And for your viewing pleasure, here's Sheila E. with a live performance of "Holly Rock." It's been a while since I've watched it, but I believe this is from the Romance 1600 home video. I didn't think that this track had any Prince involvement, and it turns out I was right (thanks to this handy ASCAP search engine. Of course, Prince did pen (and sing on) "A Love Bizarre," which is also featured in the film (though not on the soundtrack). "Oh, Sheila..."

Krush Groove OST.

Happy weekend!


Pete said...

And you can't forget about the go-go Kurtis Blow y'all! "If I Ruled the World" was one of my favorites from the soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Im so late to the game, but can you hit me up at my band's e-mail address: microfilmmusic [at] yahoo [dot] com or repost the link to Prince's 'Camille' & 'Dream Factory'? such a Prince fan but those 2 are impossible to find! Thx! MK