Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sorry, Ma, Forgot to Post

I haven't really forgotten to post so much as I just haven't gotten around to it.

A week or so ago, the folk over at Pitchfork reported that the long-awaited Replacements remasters are finally seeing the light of day. Phase one sees the Twin Tone releases get the remaster/expansion treatment on April 22, with the Sire releases to follow later in the year. When they initially announced this a couple of years ago, there was talk of a boxed set, but there's no mention of that now. Hm.

I'm admittedly not incredibly excited by the news. I do love the Replacements. They're easily my second favorite Minneapolis music-makers (Soul Asylum is first. Just kidding!). But of the Twin Tone discs, I bought the previous remasters of Let it Bleed and Hootenanny, though I never did pick up Stink. Similar situation on the Sire releases, although at the very least I will have to buy Tim, as a) it is my favorite 'Mats album and b) it could use some remastering.

The Replacements are one of my very favorites. They aren't particularly great musicians, but Paul Westerberg's lyrics are heartfelt and the band's general sense of delivery are well executed. There's something to be said for simplicity speaking volumes, and I think that the Replacements are a great example of that.

What we have here is a little boot called Shit, Shower and Shave. The disc's 23 tracks are culled from their 1989 tour supporting their penultimate album, Don't Tell a Soul. The 'Mats were also opening for Tom Petty on this tour, which makes for some interesting moments as well. Enjoy!

Bristol, Connecticut 8-31-89
1. Talent Show
2. Around and Around (Chuck Berry)
3. The Ledge
4. Can't Hardly Wait
5. September Gurls (Big Star)
6. Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones)
7. Within Your Reach
8. Left of the Dial
9. Alex Chilton
10. Nightclub Jitters
11. I'll Be You
12. Bastards of Young

Milwaukee Wisconsin, June 1989:
13. Talent Show
14. Answering Machine
15. Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones)
16. Anywhere's Better than Here
17. Here Comes a Regular

Mansfield Massachusetts 8-28-89
18. Achin' to Be
19. Waitress in the Sky
20. Don't Ask Why
21. Unsatisfied
22. I'll Be You
23. I Will Dare

Shit, Shower and Shave

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