Sunday, February 10, 2008

He's a bad mutha...

Ok, ok. So I recently rented Sesame Street: Old School, vol. 2 from Netflix. The set showcases 1977-1979, and is quite a trip down memory lane, even for those of us born in the early '80s (I'm amazed at how much recycling Sesame Street did). A lot of it I remember. This I'm pretty sure I never saw before, but my jaw dropped, and I nearly spit Diet Pepsi all over the living room.

Seriously? The Seseame Workshop parodied the theme from Shaft, modeling Cookie Monster after Isaac Hayes? How did I not know about this already? Also note Cookie's entrance, and how it's totally modeled after Hayes' entrance to the stage in Wattstax. Unbelievable!

I'm actually surprised that this next classic didn't make the cut on the dvd set. If I deejayed out regularly, I would totally slip this in one night, just to see what happened:

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