Friday, December 14, 2007

merrry chrimble

Some more holiday cheer for you. As I've said before, I'm pretty selective about the Christmas music that I like. For those of you that know me, it should pretty much go without saying that The Beatles' Christmas releases are on my short list.

From 1963-1969, The Beatles sent out an annual Christmas 7" to members of their fanclub on both sides of the pond. Due to their rarity, they are highly collectible today. Apple put together a compilation of these releases in 1971, yet curiously, it hasn't been issued since, nor has it ever officially made it to cd. That being the case, I have sought after these recordings for some time, having heard only "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)," issued as the b-side to the Anthology single, "Free as a Bird."

One can only guess that it's a matter of time before the Christmas recordings get the reissue treatment, given that any Beatle release continues to generate a lot of buzz (think BBC Sessions, Anthology, 1, Let it Be...Naked, Love, etc.). Until then, we have the bootleggers to thank for keeping them in circulation. This release collects all of the releases as well as a few outtakes. They're highly entertaining - a good disc to pop into the car for that holiday drive.

The Beatles-Complete Christmas Recordings

Cheers, kiddies.

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Anonymous said...

maybe I have everything yet - so I needed this one ;-)

thank you very much for presenting these Beatles...

saludos: rob