Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm sorry. I just can't get off of the MJ kick. I will acquiesce that the coverage has been too much, and there's no end in sight. It's died down a bit, but LaToya's kicking up dirt with murder accusations, the autopsy report is done and should be released soon, and toxicology reports are still on the docket. But let's continue to table past and present controversies and reflect on the career. Tonight I've been thinking about James Brown and Michael Jackson.

James Brown was of course hugely influential on MJ. What did J5 play to audition for Berry Gordy all those years ago?

And what about that totally surreal moment when they (and Prince) shared the stage in 1983?

And I've always loved this moment from two decades later:

Money quote: "I can't dance in heels like you."

And on a more somber note:

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