Monday, June 1, 2009


I'd already resigned myself to buying the Beatles Rock Band the day it came out. This makes me wish that day was tomorrow:

The game will include 45 songs, although Abbey Road will be available in its entirety as a download. Really, if only one of the albums were to be available in full, they made the best choice there. No word on if further songs/albums will be made available for download. Also of note, I read an interview with Dhani Harrison that mentioned an unreleased song (or songs?) will be included. Hmmm.

I'll pass on the custom instruments, however cool they may look. I can't justify having more than one set of Rock Band instruments (yet).

What's really interesting to me is that unlike previous Rock Band incarnations, the Beatles game will have the capability for three-part harmonies. I imagine that requires purchasing two more microphones, but a nifty feature nonetheless.

Full release from the Rock Band forums

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