Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Report: Purple Rain 25th Anniversary Party

As I've pounded into your skulls for the last month, on Friday my good friend Cunningham and I threw a 25th Anniversary Party for Purple Rain at the Brillobox in Pittsburgh. It was a rousing success. At the peak of the night, there were around 120 folks there, shaking what their mama gave 'em. Everybody seemed to have a great time. I certainly had a blast, though my feet are still recuperating from the damage a night of dancing in heels inflicted (now I understand why the ladies toss their shoes at wedding receptions).

Upon hearing of Michael Jackson's passing on Thursday, we pretty immediately decided we had to close the night with a Michael Jackson track. On the fly however, we ended up doing a 30 minute MJ set. We felt we must. We unfortunately didn't have all of MJs work with us, but we had some - and wireless access to iTunes. So we made do, and the crowd got down.

After that, we said our thank yous only to be met with cheers of "PURPLE RAIN! PURPLE RAIN!" So we closed the night with the purple one's anthem. People slow danced. It was off the hook.

Some photos:

DJs The Kid and The Character, your hosts for the evening.

Starting off with a screening of that cinematic masterpiece, Purple Rain.

The Character rocks the decks.


The Kid takes over.

Paisley Park Productions, bitches.

The Character loses his 'stache, but not his cool.

Slow dancin!


Jesse Johnson-Fast Girls
The Time- 777-9311
Prince-Lady Cab Driver
Vanity 6-If a Girl Answers Don't Hang Up
Jill Jones-G Spot
Prince-I Wanna Be Your Lover
Prince - Dirty Mind
Prince - Sleep Around
Prince & the New Power Generation - Cream (NPG Mix)
Prince - Irresistible Bitch
Prince - Controversy
Prince - Dance 4 Me
Prince-Acknowledge Me
Prince-17 Days
Dez Dickerson and the Modernaires-Modernaire
Morris Day-Oak Tree
Prince-When U Were Mine
Vanity 6- He's So Dull
Prince - Soft and Wet (disco mix)
Prince - Private Joy
Sheena Easton - Sugar Walls
Prince and the NPG -Sexy MF
Prince - Black Sweat
Prince - Batdance (excerpt)
Prince and the NPG - Gett Off (Houstyle)
Sheila E. - Holly Rock
Prince - Let's Work

(the next set isn't necessarily in order)
The Time-Jungle Love
Tevin Campbell-Round and Round
Prince-Erotic City
Prince-U Got the Look
Vanity 6-Nasty Girl
Prince-Pussy Control
The Time-The Bird
Sheila E-The Glamorous Life
The Bangles-Manic Monday

The Jacksons-Walk Right Now
MJ-Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
The Jacksons-Shake Your Body Down to the Ground
MJ-Remember the Time

Prince-Purple Rain


Thanks again to all who came out! And thanks to Bill for sharing his photos and being on call all night.


Pete said...

Holy crap a playlist from above! Very cool Zack. Congrats on a successful evening. Looks like a lot of fun. Where's a pic of the heels? This I gotta see...

Gonzo said...

Thanks, Pete - wish you were there! Pic of heels forthcoming...