Monday, November 5, 2007

Friday Funk

A couple of years ago I was record shopping with a funk afficianado I knew from college. Amongst other things, he suggested that I give this 1979 disc from Ohio-based Slave a spin. I'd never heard of Slave before, but I do like the funk. The title track, "Just a Touch of Love" was enough to sell me on the album. The whole album is great, and has become one of my favorite funk albums in my collection. I was pleased as punch to be able to put "Just as Touch of Love" on a dance mix for a party recently.

I subsequently explored Slave's catalog a bit deeper. I'm pleased to report that their first two discs (Slave and The Hardness of the World are also excellent. The only other one I've heard was 1980's Stone Jam, which I was not very taken by. Still, here's a great funk outfit that perhaps doesn't get the amount of credibility that it truly deserves. So give this one some play, and enjoy the weekend.

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And here's a lip-synched TV performance of the title song. Love those threads!

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