Thursday, March 29, 2007

Operator Please

Remember high school? Remember when you were in a band? Remember when you won the battle of the bands, landed a deal, went on tour and brought your popppy goodness to the masses?

Yeah, me neither. I think the bands I was in got paid a couple times, but that was about it. Such is not the case with Operator Please, out of Australia. From their myspace page:

Operator Please began life as a band in the depths of the Elanora high school music block preparing for the awesome-o annual battle of the bands comp 2005. After winning the said competition in front of a phenomenal crowd of 15 and walking away with a box of doughnuts, the band was made as permanent as a permanent marker. We like lots of things from kitties to cheese but most of all we love each other.
And playing music.
And playing shows.
And you.
We'll bring the chips and fizzy drink, you bring the PARTY TIME!

I initially came across a couple of their songs through one of my favorite blogs, Off the Record. They just put out their debut EP, Cement Cement. They've also put out a UK only 7" of another tune, "Just a Song About Ping Pong" (which you can hear on their myspace page and buy via iTunes).

These kids are actually pretty good. The music is indie pop, the bouncy, dance-y kind. They are in the midst of an Australian tour, with a few UK dates as well.

They've even made a few videos! Here's my personal favorite, for "Crash Tragic."

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Operator Please (myspace page)

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