Friday, March 30, 2007

Gwennie Gwen Gwen

Most of you already know how much I love Gwen Stefani's first solo disc, Love Angel Music Baby. I pulled it out today after an extended absence, and it accompanied me throughout the day - I listened to it walking to and from campus, played "Serious" for my students before class started (I've decided this is the best song on the album), and took it with me to the track. So good!

Perhaps predictably, last year's follow up The Sweet Escape paled in comparison. Many reviewers commented that overall, the album sounded like leftovers from its predecessor. I also panned the disc when it came out, and I stand by that. However, the title track is a great pop tune, and it's been in my skull for over a week. The station I'm working with for a project pulls a satellite feed for overnights, and I've heard it on there at least twice. Even better, the host of the morning show played it as a breaker yesterday, commenting afterwards, "What a great song!" And this is not the kind of guy I would expect to say that about Gwen Stefani's music.

Because this tune has been in my head for days on end, I've resigned myself to buying the album used at some point. The song's just that good. And from what I remember, there are handful of other good ones on there too...but a lot of mediocrity as well. Maybe next time, Gwen.

Here's the video, which is amusing. And of course Miss G is looking fine as ever.

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