Tuesday, February 15, 2011

breakin' up is hard to do

Hot on the heels of the White Stripes' recent breakup, indie dance crew LCD Soundsystem is also about to hang it up. After only three albums, it's a little sad to see them go. But kudos to James Murphy for going out on a high note. Last year's This is Happening was one of my favorite discs of 2010, and retains its replay value after nearly a year of incessant playing. I'd like to catch the last run of shows in NYC (a series at Terminal 5, leading up to the grand finale at MSG), but I doubt I'll make it. Alas.

Murphy and co. stopped by the Colbert Report recently to chat and perform one of This is Happening's standout tracks, "I Can Change."


Marc said...

So you didn't believe him when he said during the summer that this was going to be it? Or maybe you didn't want to believe him. Maybe they should called the album "This is Not Happening Anymore." (OK, bad joke).

Saw this performance on Colbert. Was good. Maybe I'm the only one who sees this, but his persona and his semi-rumpled doughy kinda look reminds me of Brian Wilson, if BW ever wore a suit and tie...

Was also surprised to see the number of people on stage for such stripped-down sounding music. I'm sure I had read somewhere that there were a number of people in the group, but it's easy for a relative neophyte like me to think of Murphy as possibly being the only one behind this project (as seems to be more and more popular nowadays).

Just one more comment for the ether...

Gonzo said...

I think I forgot that he made that statement last summer. But I did have a bit of deja vu last night in the studio - we must have talked about this on First Impressions.

The BW comparison - at least in terms of his appearance is accurate - good call. Hopefully Murphy maintains his sanity.

This has become my favorite cut on the disc, possibly because I've overplayed some of the others. It's probably also the most emotionally-based.