Friday, July 16, 2010

"Do you know the difference between Dionysian and Apollonian art?"


Marc said...

I'm guessing you posted this because of Iggy Pop, but the world is a slightly less interesting place without Tom Snyder in it. Cheerfully clueless and square about some music and pop culture in general, nonetheless he was a game interviewer and a great person to bounce stuff off of in the interviews I've seen. He seemed open and interested most time, if bemused.

And Iggy comes off well here, too, except for those darn closeups. How do you NOT look at the missing tooth?

Gonzo said...

This is actually taken from a 2-disc dvd set of the Tomorrow Shot that gathers a bunch of episodes featuring punk/new wave acts. Iggy, Joan Jett, The Plasmatics, The Ramones, The Jam, Patti Smith, Costello and some others. What's cool is that they included the full episodes - groovy little time capsules, really.