Monday, October 19, 2009

The Raveonettes @ 9:30 Club, DC (10/16)

(Photo by Chris Chen)

I've wanted to see The Raveonettes live since I first heard them back in 2004 or 2005. I was perusing music at the Iowa City Public Library when I came across Chain Gang of Love. The name caught my eye. I tend to like groups with "-ettes" affixed to their name: The Marvalettes, the Raylettes, The Ronettes, et. al. I think I may also have heard them on Little Steven's Underground Garage. I loved the album immediately, ended up finding a copy at a record swap not long after, then proceeded to pick up their earlier EP and subsequent releases. But I never got to see them live, because fate wouldn't have it. So when I caught wind that they were performing DC on a Friday night, I quickly made moves.

Openers were the Black Angels, from Austin. Not bad. A little excessive on the reverb, and there wasn't a whole lot of variety in their set. But still enjoyable.

The Raveonettes put on a show that was well worth waiting four years to see. The energy of their music - alternating between '60s pop buoyancy and the darker edges of rock - translates very well into a live setting. They ran through material from 2002's Whip it On up through their newest release, In and Out of Control. They included many of my favorites - "Dead Sound," "Little Animal," "That Great Love Sound," "Aly Walk With Me" (a personal highlight), "Love in a Trashcan" and others that I can't remember at the moment. And of course, they played about half of the new record. I'd only heard it once on their live stream, but it is now in heavy rotation after the show.

Speaking of which, the band has a deal going where anyone that buys the new album at the show gets to attend a brief meet and greet after the show. I was planning on buying the new disc anyway, so this was an added bonus (though sometime between Friday and Sunday, I lost the slip containing the download information). Maybe 20 or so people were at the meet & greet. I never know what to say to my favorite bands when I get the rare chance. I just complimented them on a great show and talked to them about the tour. And got their John Hancocks. I always feel weird asking for autographs too, but when they come pen in hand, it's not so awkward.

In short, the Raveonettes live show gets the Gonzo seal of approval! Check them out if they're hitting your town. And also check out their new album. At least for the time being, you can stream it through their official widget below!

Rave on!

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