Saturday, February 14, 2009

Podcast #4: Remebering 120 Minutes!

This time around, the podcast remembers the centerpiece of MTV during the so-called "alternative years," 120 Minutes! 120 Minutes ran from 1986-2000 (later revived on M2 as Subterranean), showcasing so-called "alternative music." Sure, that flimsy genre got a lot of play on MTV during the early/mid 1990s anyway, but 120 Minutes went beyond the big hits - album cuts, classic cuts, weird bands you never saw on the air during the day, oh, and for a spell, Kennedy:

I won't lie, I had a crush on her that I could never explain.

Any how, suit up, and dig in to my tribute to 120 Minutes (which actually, clocks in at 118:44, but cut me some slack, eh?).

Don't forget to check out 120 Minutes Archive - a disturbingly comprehensive storehouse of information on 120 Minutes.

And as always, share your thoughts/reactions/reminiscences of staying up late on sunday nights in the comment section!

Listen to Podcast #4!!!

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