Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shirley Ellis

For some time, I've been looking to acquire some Shirley Ellis material for my collection. After some research, I found The Complete Congress Recordings to be the most complete collection. Of course, it's also out of print. So I've been occasionally checking the Amazon marketplace,, et. al., but the disc goes for upwards of $50. Far too much for me to spend on a single disc. However, I recently got a great deal on this collection via eBay, and it arrived yesterday.

It's a great listen, and contains all of the essentials - "The Nitty Gritty," "The Name Game" and "The Clapping Song," as well as a bunch of covers and live takes. "The Clapping Song" is my personal favorite, as it brings to mind the few Soulcialism nights that I attended in Pittsburgh. And of course, it was also covered by Gary Glitter years later.

I can't imagine why this is out of print. Probably some sort of rights entanglement. At any rate, give a listen, and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I've only discovered your blog recently, and of course this is the album I was looking for... thank you! is there any chance that you can do bit rate a bit (har) higher than 128, which sounds lousy on decent speakers.?.?.? of course, thank you, but a better bit rate would be so very appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Tx for this album. I recently went to a show of SCOTS and they played a funny version of Nitty Gritty.