Friday, June 22, 2007

Eccentric Soul: Deep City Label

Recently, my good friend Peter hipped me to a series of compilations titled Eccentric Soul. I believe there to be 11 volumes total in the series. I only five, but they are stellar. So my next string of posts will share what I have of this great series.

Each volume showcases a different soul label. I'm not talking about Motown, Stax, Atlantic, etc. (though I love them dearly). Rather, these are smaller labels, regional and local in nature. That means that you might not be familiar with the bulk of the tracks, but it also means that it's an opportunity to uncover some lost gems from the glory days of soul.

First up, we have the Deep City label from Miami. Note the inclusion of Betty "Clean Up Woman" Wright and the great rendition of Otis Redding's "Pain in My Heart" by Helene Smith.

1. Am I A Good Man - Them Two
2. Someone To Fulfill My Needs - Moovers
3. I Am Controlled By Your Love - Helene Smith
4. I Don't Need Help - Johnny K. Killens & The Dynamites
5. Stay Away From My Johnny - Freda Gray & The Rocketeers
6. Thrills And Chills - Helene Smith
7. Paralyzed - Betty Wright
8. I Love You Baby - Moovers
9. Pain In My Heart - Helene Smith
10. The Upset - Paul Kelly
11. One Little Dance - Moovers
12. Good Lovin' - Betty Wright
13. Willing And Able - Helene Smith
14. It's My Baby - Paul Kelly
15. You Got To Do Your Share - Helene Smith
16. Good Thing Part 1 - Frank Williams & The Rocketeers
17. Darling I'll Go - Moovers

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more of this series!

Eccentric Soul vol. 7: The Deep City Label

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