Sunday, April 8, 2007


Inexplicably, I've been going through a big Madonna phase as of late. This prompted me to add a bunch of Madonna dvds to my Netflix queue. While Desperately Seeking Susan and Who's That Girl? will have to wait (I've never seen either all the way through - I'm sure each exhibits cinematic brilliance) and Truth or Dare is bafflingly not on DVD yet, this week I watched the two Madonna video collections.

As with other key artists of the era (i.e. Prince, MJ), the available Madonna video compilations are rather incomplete. Thus, while the videos are good, I'm holding out for the complete collection, which will inevitably come. In the meantime, it was great to see these videos again, many of which it's been years since my last viewing. In light of the second volume (covering the 1990s), I have two things to share.

First, the video for "Bad Girl." I either didn't see this when it was out, or totally forgot about it (either seems odd, as Erotica is easily my favorite Madonna album of the 1990s). Not only does Christopher Walken star in the video, but the video and its plot are actually pretty well executed. For you:

The second thing of note was the video for "Bedtime Stories." Actually, not the video so much as the song. Whilst watching it, I was thinking "Why have I never noticed that this sounds incredibly like a Bjork song?" And sure enough, I find out that Bjork has a co-writing credit. Makes sense!

Ok, enough for now. I have a review coming up. Posts will be even more sporadic than usual these days given that I'm in the throes of crunch time. Keep checking back. In the meantime, check out my pals on the blogroll - they'll take care of you.

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