Thursday, April 1, 2010

New (and free!) Music

I stumbled upon Twin Sister via Gorilla vs. Bear just the other night. I was cruisin' for some new music while doing some writing, and voila - Twin Sister fell into my virtual lap. I don't know much about them beyond that their members hail from Brooklyn and Long Island, they are a quartet, and they've just digitally released their second EP, Color of Your Life (vinyl and cd versions forthcoming).

It's an exquisite EP. I know that making comparisons between bands is only moderately useful, but they have some elements in common with Beach House, whose latest album is in heavy rotation for me (and is my pick for 2010 so far). I make the comparison only to say that they are similar in tone and mood, focusing on beautifully delicate melodies.

I highly recommend that you check out their new EP. Hell, it's free, what's stopping you? Download Color of Your Life (320 kbps!).

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